In-Shelter Volunteer Programs

Become a part of our Family Dog Rescue shelter family! Volunteers help the shelter run by walking, grooming, playing and training our dogs. They also help with shelter maintenance and cleaning.

We only have a few staff members, so we rely heavily on our dedicated volunteers. We need you!

Our volunteers get not only our gratitude, but a chance to learn more about how to train and care for dogs. We ask all our volunteers to take an orientation/behavior class and a supervised dog walking class in order to volunteer in the shelter.

We love having families and children volunteer at the shelter. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a guardian over the age of 18. The guardian must attend the Orientation and the Supervised Walk with the child, as well as sign a release of liability form. Teens between the ages of 15-18 will need to attend an Orientation and a Supervised Walk, and their parent or guardian must also sign a release of liability.

Our shelter volunteers save dog's lives through:

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