Enjoy these Aftercare tips and resources from Family Dog Rescue

Congratulations on adopting a Family Dog rescue! While they settle in as your new family member, we are here to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. You may have checked off the new dog bed, the toys, and the treats, but what's next?

Transitional Health

Our top priority for your new family member is that they are happy and healthy. Please let us know about any health concerns you have in the first week after adoption, prior to taking your dog to the vet. It is our goal to adopt out dogs that are deemed healthy during a vet examination, or if there are known medical issues that the adopting family is well informed.

If you do observe health concerns within the first week of bringing your new dog home, please contact us first so we can help you get the necessary care. It is common for dogs to experience symptoms such as diarrhea, lack of appetite, coughing/sneezing, runny nose/eyes, and we can easily provide you with medications during the first week. Please keep in mind that we cannot help cover costs incurred without prior approval and/or at unauthorized veterinarians.

Next Steps

Additional Resources

Keep in touch!

Now that you've taken home your new dog, please don't say goodbye to us for good! Rescue work is hard, and it absolutely makes our day to receive updates on the new lives of our dogs.

Our facebook page is updated daily with new faces, success stories from our adopters, and opportunities to get involved. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter @ilovefamilydog and tag photos of your new pup with #ilovefamilydog

If you have any further questions within your first week, please contact and we'll do our best to help!

All the best, from our family to yours!