Our Mission

DOG. From the underdogs of California's overcrowded municipal shelters to the street dogs of Mexico, Family Dog Rescue gives dogs in need a second chance. We welcome these dogs into our San Francisco shelter and foster program, providing them with medical care, temperament analysis, spay/neuter, vaccinations and finally, a loving family of their own. Family Dog Rescue is proud to save dogs of all kinds, including puppies, adults, mixed breeds, purebreds, and dogs with disabilities.

HUMAN. Our experienced, compassionate family of shelter volunteers and staff ensure that our dogs receive proper enrichment and socialization from the time they enter our program to the day they find their new home (and beyond). Our adoption process looks past any formulaic checklist of the perfect dog owner. We treat our potential adopters just as we treat our dogs - on an individual basis. We are proud to connect people to their perfect dog, creating families with every adoption.

FAMILY. We believe that when you adopt a dog, a family is created. Through events and social media outreach, we've created a community-wide connection between Family Dog supporters, adopters, volunteers and canine alumni. Together, we advocate for greater public awareness about responsible dog ownership and celebrate the connection and love that rescue dogs so openly give.

Family Dog Rescue was founded in 2010 by Angela Padilla, a young mom battling breast cancer. As a grassroots-grown, 501c3 dog rescue organization, we save over 800 dogs per year from certain euthanasia and place them with loving families. We sponsor Loup Garou Rescue and the Kern Project, and have been visited or featured by The Discovery Channel, The Huffington Post, PayPal, Martha Stewart Living, Uber, Instagram, Iam Somerhalder Foundation, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

We receive support from Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control, PetCo, Maddie's Fund, and many local Bay Area businesses. Family Dog was named as one of "San Francisco's Favorite Charities" by 7x7 Magazine in 2014. We're grateful to have an excellent rating on Yelp and Facebook, as well as a strong community throughout California, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala and beyond.


We saved over 800 dogs, including over 100 special needs dogs in 2014 and have saved over 3000 dogs since 2010.

See our official statistics for Maddie's Fund here.

Code of Ethics

We give all dogs proper veterinary care and behavior evaluations. All dogs will be spay/neutered and vaccinated as part of the adoption process.

Adoption applicants will be carefully screened so that dogs are placed in suitable environments where they will be treated as family members.

All adoptions will be done with contracts, and all contracts will provide that we will take the dog back at any time. Any dog that cannot be kept by the adopter must be returned to us, or if placed elsewhere, must be with our written approval.

Dogs found to pose a danger to human beings will not be placed; dogs found to pose a danger of grave or lethal harm to other dogs will not be placed. Not all dogs can be saved.

We always disclose everything we know about a dog's history, behavior and health. We never hide facts about our dogs from the public.

We honor our commitments to each other and to the public.

We focus on solving problems, not placing blame.

We base our decisions on the most accurate information available and we respect confidentiality -- always.

We take any concern directly to the person involved, and do not tolerate gossip, rumor, or innuendo.

We encourage prudent risk-taking in the pursuit of innovation.

When in doubt, the health, safety, and well-being of our dogs is paramount. We believe that the quality of a dog’s life is as important as the length of a dog’s life. We do not warehouse dogs and we refuse to place.