Your gift makes miracles happen.

When you donate to Family Dog Rescue's annual Miracle Fund, you help us pay for year-round medical care and support for over 800 deserving dogs, including the 100 special needs dogs Family Dog Rescue saved this year.

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Meet our Miracle Dogs!


In foster

A Miracle dog from Mexico! Pookie arrived with a diagnosed cancer and received treatment, but there has been a resurgence. He is undergoing chemotherapy treatments, but Pookie is a fighter and will beat his cancer once again! Despite his illness, he is a happy and funny boy! Pookie is just about the sweetest guy we have right now!

Your gift will go towards Pookie's cancer treatments, and many more lifesaving treatments in 2017.



Meet Tuffy! This super sweet pup is a true survivor! He suffered an injury that cost him the top of his snout, but he doesn’t let that stop him! He loves people, and once he quickly warms up, he is as affectionate as can be! His lack of a snout doesn’t keep him from being an amazing dog! He can still eat, drink, and give some wet puppy kisses just like any other dog. This resilient little guy is a joy, and the staff and volunteers fell hard for him.

Your gift will go towards life-changing surgeries for Tuffy, and many more dogs in 2017.



Meet Pepsi! This adorable 3-4 month old pup came to us from Tijuana, Mexico. He was very emaciated, and surely headed towards a sad, lonely death. Given his dark beginnings, Pepsi was very timid at first, unsure whether he could trust us. We fed him and nursed him back to a healthy weight. In return, he rewarded us with his sweet and affectionate personality. Pepsi is a perfect example of what we do at Family Dog Rescue. It could have been easy to turn Pepsi away, a fragile pup with no socialization. But we knew he deserved a chance. We gave him a miracle and found him a home. #GiveaMiracle today and save more lives like this sweet pup’s.

Your gift will go towards rehabilitation for Pepsi, and many more dogs in 2017.



Our sweetest Miracle Dog, Luigi, arrived at our shelter all the way from McFarland, California. Luigi had probably been hit by a car because he is paralyzed from the hips down. All the Family Dog volunteers say he has the most soulful eyes and it is true. Abandoned, crippled, and left to be put down, Luigi surely suffered deeply before coming to Family Dog Rescue. Despite being thrown away, Luigi is still a very incredible dog who proves every day that he has beaten the odds. We feel very honored to have the privilege of helping dear Luigi, and so many other dogs like him. He has taught many of our Family Dog community members about resilience and. And, of course, now we want so much more for Luigi. He deserves a miracle. Will you help him? #GiveaMiracle and share Luigi’s story. Let’s find him a home so he can share his indomitable spirit and his unconditional love with a family of his very own.

Your gift will go towards medical equipment for dogs like Luigi.

About Family Dog Rescue

Family Dog Rescue is a San Francisco-based, non-profit group that is 100% funded by donations from any lovers around the world. Our mission is to match great dogs with equally great humans, creating families with each adoption. We believe dog + human = family, and a dog makes a house a home.

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