Foster a Dog

Foster homes save lives!

We couldn't save over 800 dogs a year without our dedicated, loving foster families. We bring the dog and supplies, you bring the love!

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What supplies do I need to foster a dog?

Nothin' but love! We have collars, harnesses, leashes, toys, food, "ADOPT ME" vests, and other supplies available for our foster families. You can also join our foster family community on Facebook where you can coordinate playdates, share photos and make some friends.

What are my responsibilities as a foster family?

It's incredibly rewarding to see a dog come out of their shell and learn to play, love and become a beloved canine good citizen. It's even better to see your foster dog find their forever family, and know that your time, love and dedication made that happen. We love our foster families!

How long will do I need to commit to each dog?

Our dogs have been through a lot of upheaval in their lives, so in order to minimize transitional stress we ask that foster parents commit for at least 2 weeks. Most of our dogs are adopted in that time, but certain dogs may need longer-term placements. Talk to our team about the length of your commitment and any other requirements you have, and they'll set you up with the perfect foster pup.

Additional Resources

Tip: If you just want to take one of our dogs for a walk or day hike, consider the DOGO! program, where you can take a shelter pup on a fun adventure and return them to the shelter the same day.